Getting Creative

26 Mar

Sometimes stuff just happens and you have to get creative.

Creative really means, anything but business as usual.  The situations we have come across made me wonder if we just invented stuff.  Sometimes I felt if these were patents, we would be rich.  It’s not that we don’t make customers happy; for we have many many surveys from extremely happy customers.  It’s not that we lacked experience; for we have some very experienced people.  Many of our customers are repeat customers.  Sometimes stuff just happens; now what?  What are you going to do now?

1) Keep cool – so you can stay focused on the solution

2) Know where your resources are – so you can assign assets and people to roles

3) If a customer is involved, make sure empathy and taking appropriate ownership is evident

4) Make sure you have systems in place – this means redundancy of 3-4 deep

5) Know when the stuff needs to be resolved – What’s your deadline?

6) Lastly, in reviewing the situation you may realize following your gut instincts can often prevent stuff from happening


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