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Introducing Self to Blogging World

25 Mar

Maybe it is a form of therapy, but going through this recession has deeply affected the general economy and depressed my region and my industry deeply affecting my company and myself.  Of course, this isn’t unique in itself as few have been unaffected.

What I hope to add to the world is a collective experience that I believe will HELP existing business owners and prevent newbeez from starting down the road to ruin.

I look to organize this into a few key categories:

1) Small Business Cash Flow Ideas

2) Business Issues and Circumstance

3) You, The Business Owner

Each of these three areas are very different but interconnected.  Fall down in one area and the rest will soon follow.  They each need to be managed to strengthen the others.  In the end, the whole CAN fill the hole.


Hello world!

25 Mar

Though I have been on Facebook (Steve Hunt, Edelen Custom Exteriors (page) and Stop Medicare Fraud (page)) and Twitter ( for 3 years and recently opened a Pinterest (Steve Hunt) account, I’m still a newbie to the blogosphere.

In a strict sense, I may be no different than the next person, but my journey has undoubtedly been unique and I will do my best to break down the areas in a way some will find useful.

I have tried to live my life responsibly by taking care of my body, feeding my mind with forward moving books, eating fairly healthy, long marriage, college educated, no debt except a mortgage, and follow the golden rule.  Then I became a business owner and ran right smack into a torrential hurricane.  Perhaps a 40′ boat getting tossed about in a storm of epic proportions.  Running on empty has come to have a deep meaning for me.  Perhaps empty is relative to the ideas and energy generated to execute and stay focused on those ideas.  We’re not robots, but we can be quite resilient.

When you can't hit the storm head on, Hold On!!

The purpose of this blog is 2 fold:

1) capture my experience, and

2) pass it on

Please feel free to engage me in a stimulating conversation.  I will do my best to provide clarity, feedback and ideas.